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I love it a lot, and as much as i'd love to donate, I can't. Maybe some other day though.


Haha no worries! Glad you enjoyed it

Why don't you change the theme of your site. I know it is suitle with the content but it is so hard to view it.  Perhaps, I should visit Freegames66 to play it. There are many other clicker games there.

I discovered this game and kept it on in a browser for about a week.

I have 37 million HP. 

At Depth 382 I got an "Out of memory" error.  :D Does this mean I won?

wow! I am really amazed, great job! I have to confess though that I probably won’t be fixing that one 😄

I am running a gaming PC with 64GB of RAM and 16 GB of Video Memory. Lets see if I can break it while I stream it on Twitch lol

hahaha that's fucking awesome send me a twitch link


Found you

awesome :D.

Playing with this actually inspired me to go back and start working on an old game idea I have had for a few years. 


That’s great! Best of luck let me know if you want a beta tester in the future 

Can you please tell me what you programed this game on???

Hi there. This was done using Unity 5.6 with a Web GL export. 

BUG: purchasing is checked against the next item on the list, not the current item on it..
EG: purchasing third of endurance is checked against the 4th of endurance.

Hey thanks for the feedback! We probably won't fix that because this was just a game jam game, but I am toying around with taking the core concepts into a bigger clicker game.

I like the concept but at the moment it's kind of grindy. Like the spiders in the second room, there was no way to beat them until I'd killed the first spider about 10 times and amassed enough cash to buy a few upgrades. This sort of grind is fine when the levels are randomised every time but when it's the same layout and enemies it feels a bit redundant. I can see you decided againt doing this but I personally think it's the randomisation after each death that makes roguelikes tolerable. Especially considering there's no reaction-based skill involved in your game.

Yea I think in retrospect, I would do randomization based on popular request

Thanks for replying and good to hear we're on the same page. Maybe when I get around to making my first game and putting it up here I can count on your feedback :)


Nice game, I like how you can automate anything and also deactivate it when you wish. Specially useful for the potions, although I felt I like I always needed a higher tier than what I was able to afford, but I didn't make much savings... Good job!

Nice game! Liked the graphics style and the rogue-like theme.

I don't quite see the use of upgrading defense, though, as saving 1 HP from 75+ damage doesn't seem worth it.

Also, would love that a new dungeon is generated each revival, it becomes quite repetitive as it is...


Defense is worthless and I didn't balance it properly and didn't want to yank it and risk bugs but when I play I never upgrade it. re random dungeons each spawn, it actually did go through my mind but I decided against it.


really nice game